„What a thing is and what it is not, is in its form identical. “(Laws of Form, George Spencer-Brown)

Putting this question of form into the human context, we discover the uniqueness of the artist in all the visible and invisible layers of their existence. Visible Invisible opens the space to the uniqueness of the artist, highlighting the importance of their subjectivity and the way of perceiving, thinking and acting with their body knowledge.

Visible Invisible is a particular reflection about our conscious experiences artistically shaped in ways of expression and communication, from the invisible to the visible, from the inexpressible to the expressed, from the plain space to the form. All the phenomenological judgments about the visible or invisible are shaped as a result of the whole memory of perceptions, experiences and expectations, coming from personal and cultural ways of understanding and from the beliefs and desires specific to every person.

Visible Invisible pretends to show a unique transformation lived through the research process and how the artists could transform their frames of references by critically reflecting on their individual assumptions and beliefs, and by consciously making and implementing plans about the „new ways“ of defining their worlds through new distinctions of what something is and what it is not. Visible Invisible is a way of showing the limits through the uniqueness of the artist, expressing all the possible (or feasible) and impossible thoughts.

Dolma Jover Agulló