Beauty will be convulsive or not at all.
(André Breton, Nadja)

A nocturnal gathering. A place for celebration. A time to let oneself loose. A field of making dreams come true. A shelter from reality. A chance to be someone else. A chance to be your true self.
Revelling to the point of exhaustion. Entering the subconscious. Going through the looking glass. This is where REVEL REVEL takes us: a journey of exploring the freedom of being oneself and of being together; the threads that connect us; the bonds that sustain us. Why is it not enough to remain in one’s own bubble? Because when we dare to get together without restraints, we become larger than ourselves. 
But freedom is not easy to grasp and it can elude us. In order to truly expand our belief in the power of togetherness, we need to face freedom. It can be a scary place to look at, a terra incognita. Much to our surprise, it seems that most of the time we prefer to live within limits, to dance within constraints, rather than to make a leap of faith into the unknown. How do we identify the boundaries that have become invisible? What do we need to become aware of them? And how is it different for women (still living in the men’s world)? 
The REVEL REVEL gang are five females, five different universes that nevertheless share common denominators, parts of history, roads travelled. And a determination to question the nature of their own freedom, intertwined with that of the others, creating the amalgam that results in pure joy. Their revelry is a statement, not a getaway. Their decision to opt for joy amid the chaos and the tectonic changes that our world is going through is looking at you with eyes wide open. What do you see when you gaze at them?