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Ognjen Vučinić
Ognjen Vučinić
  • born in 1980 in Pula
  • he started dancing in the ZARO dance studio, where he takes classical ballet lessons

in 2000 he becomes a member of The Zagreb Dance Company, and he participates in the following projects:

  • Žurba duše (The Rush of the Soul), by choreographer Emilio Gutierey
  • Meni ti to nije baš, (It's not really special to me) by choreographer Irma Omerzo
  • Nešto možda sasvim osobno, (Something maybe really personal) by choreographer Snježana Abramović
  • Priče bez niti, (Stories without a head or tail) by choreographer Alexis Eupierre
  • Pasijans, (Solitaire) by choreographer Iztok Kovač
  • 5 do 12, (Last Minute) authorial project, choreographer
  • Ogoljeno, (Stripped) assistant of choreography to Snježana Abramović Milković

Projects outside of The Zagreb Dance Company:

  • Vjeverice na juriš, (The Charge of the Squirrels) by choreographer Maja Drobac
  • Sjeme, (The Seed) by choreographer Tamara Curić, The TALA dance studio
  • Chronostasis, by choreographer Snježana Abramović

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