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19.12.201713:00E=mc2 (Volim fiziku)Kulturni centar Peščenica / Kazalište KNAP
05.12.201720:00Staging a Play: TartuffeZagrebačko kazalište mladih
04.12.201720:00Staging a Play: TartuffeZagrebačko kazalište mladih
26.11.201720:00Staging a Play: TartuffeMediteranski plesni centar, Svetvinčenat
25.11.201720:00Staging a Play: TartuffeMediteranski plesni centar, Svetvinčenat
28.10.201720:00PLAC - Cai shichangZagrebački plesni centar
27.10.201720:00PLAC - Cai shichangZagrebački plesni centar
14.10.201720:00E=mc2 (Volim fiziku)Gradsko kazalište mladih Split
07.10.201720:00The Devil's GardenZagrebačko kazalište mladih
06.10.201720:00The Devil's GardenZagrebačko kazalište mladih
24.09.201720:30Just Bridges EDANCO: Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea
24.09.201718:30Just Bridges EDANCO: Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea
20.09.201720:00The Devil's GardenZagrebačko kazalište mladih
19.09.201720:00The Devil's GardenZagrebačko kazalište mladih
13.09.201720:00PLAC - Cai shichangZagrebački plesni centar
12.09.201720:00PLAC - Cai shichangZagrebački plesni centar
21.07.201722:00The Devil's GardenFestival plesa i neverbalnog kazališta Svetvinčenat
05.07.201721:00PLAC - Cai shichangZagrebački plesni centar
04.07.201721:00PLAC - Cai shichangZagrebački plesni centar
03.07.201721:00PLAC - Cai shichangZagrebački plesni centar
11.05.201718:00E=mc2 (Volim fiziku)Zagrebački plesni centar
10.05.201720:00E=mc2 (Volim fiziku)Zagrebački plesni centar
10.05.201710:00E=mc2 (Volim fiziku)Zagrebački plesni centar
05.05.201720:00The Devil's GardenZagrebačko kazalište mladih
24.04.201712:15E=mc2 (Volim fiziku)Knjižnica i čitaonica Vojnić
01.03.201720:00The Devil's GardenZagrebačko kazalište mladih
28.02.201720:00The Devil's GardenZagrebačko kazalište mladih
24.01.201720:00The Devil's GardenZagrebačko kazalište mladih